Time to Act Responsibly

Am sure by now many would have come across the news (mostly on their Social media timelines) of an independent, educated lady from Mumbai refusing to let Officers of Law do their job when she was stopped, at a regular security barricade, to check Alcohol levels in her blood, if not, follow this link and you will get enlightened about the entire incident.

This is exactly what’s wrong with this fine Nation of ours. We do candle light marches, shout & scream our lungs out and act like all holy while pointing fingers at the Government’s (and it’s related agencies) incompetence and when it comes to letting the officers of law do their jobs, we behave like this! Sic! This woman needs to be ashamed of her actions and the lack of both Social & Moral responsibility.

It is high time that we stand up and start acting more responsibly, if we want things to change for the better and for us to leave behind a better social, moral and administrative structure for future generations.



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